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Valorga International SAS develops activities of conception–realization, start-up and operation of biological waste treatment plants implementing anaerobic digestion and composting processes. 

Valorga Internationals unrivalled know-how is based on its wide industrial experience of the anaerobic digestion of waste.Until 2007, our installations handled more than 2 000 000 tons of municipal solid waste with the Valorga Process®.


Teams of technicians and process engineers are in charge of the conception and the dimensioning. They realize all the basic engineering for sorting, methanisation, composting, refining, Gas-utilization, air and water treatment units of the entire plant, possibly as turn-key concepts.

Tailored to the specific demands of our clients, we conceive sure, adaptable plants benefiting from a harmonious landscaped and architectural integration.


Valorga International, realizes turnkey plants as general contractor or member of a consortium of construction. 

Our experience acquired in the "Management of project" allows us to coordinate the sub-suppliers and to provide all the electromechanical equipment in the respect of the time schedules and clients “requirements”.

Start-up and operating assistance

Start-up teams insure the start-up of the installation, they also insure to reach the guaranteed performances and the training of the clients operation staff.

Thanks to industrial feed-back since 1988, Valorga International also insures the know-how transfer and acquisition of the necessary knowledge for public or private operators of Valorga  installations, as well as operating assistance, advice or expertise.


Being operator ourselves or in partnership with clients, Valorga develops its operation expertise, completed by the continuous industrial feedback from other plants. This allows our clients to have the plants operated in a functional, safe and economic manner.